Science Fiction Books and Movies

Sci-Fi Books versus Movies

As an author of science fiction, something has me confused. I have lots of friends who prefer not to read science fiction, yet as soon as a science fiction movie is released, they flock to it. The fact is, sci-fi is huge in the movie business boasting blockbusters such as Star Wars, The Matrix, X- Men, Iron Man, Star Trek, and The Terminator, just to name a few. So why would a sci-fi movie lover not want to pick up a book of the same genre? It just has me stumped!

Certainly, the sci-fi genre has a strong readership, and a very loyal one. Having said that, thrillers and romance tend to attract the masses. Then there’s fantasy, which often gets grouped with sci-fi for some strange reason. In my mind they’re as similar as apples and oranges. It’s easy to understand the popularity of fantasy. It’s a genre that can entertain all ages, as proven by J.K. Rowling.

For those reading this post, I’m curious what your favorite book and movie genres are? Are you just as likely to read a sci-fi book as watch a sci-fi movie? Leave a comment and let me know.

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