Sub-genres of Science Fiction

Sub-genres of Science Fiction

Science fiction is truly a genre that lends itself to subgenres—whether it’s romance or thriller, as in the case of MuseItUp novels, Spectra and the soon to be released sequel, Entity.

The subgenre classification of science fiction arises from the broad definition of science fiction. Stories are often classified as science fiction as a result of the setting, which can be real or imaginary, on earth or in space. The story line can also take place in any time period, the future being quite common to the genre. Certainly, science might enter into the plot. If the science is accurate the novel is classified as hard sci-fi. Soft science fiction delves into what is thought of as impossible, such as warp drive. When a novel has any of these aspects, it is considered science fiction. But what about the other plot elements—mystery, romance, suspense…the list goes on.

Thrillers are adrenaline-rush novels, packed full of action and suspense. The reader will find themselves at the edge of their seat with the uncertainty and anxiety that comes from plot twists and cliff hangers. The plot typically focuses on an unscrupulous villain, who creates impossible obstacles for the hero to overcome.

Combine elements of science fiction with that of a thriller and the science fiction thriller genre is born. Many authors have their brand, and my brand is the science fiction thriller. Spectra, is a story about the discovery of an energy-based life form. Those exposed to the life forms become temporarily gifted with extraordinary intelligence. After a rogue group of scientists continue to expose themselves to the entities, they quickly learn that the line between genius and insanity is quite fragile. Entity picks up where Spectra finishes off and is arguably a darker novel. As I’m a sucker for romance, both stories also contain a solid romantic element. Spectra is currently available through the MuseItUp Publishing website and other major vendors, and for those interested, you can check out the reviews on this site. RT Book Reviews Magazine rated it Top Pick!

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